Fabrice Hund

In viewing Fabrice’s total work one is impressed by the figurative character and the strongly stylized grotesque elements.

His subjects are not easy to summarize: people, animais, portraits, nudes, often presented in a complex of bodily structures, backgrounds of town-views, café-scenes and a variation of rough characters and fashionable figures.

The bright colors, dancing lines and composition are marvelously coordinated and invite the viewer to share in a feeling of happiness, freedom and a new connectedness. The inspired and living images Fabrice creates, often are erotic of character. Erotic in the wider meaning of the concept the yearning to be included in a loving, cherishing surrounding.

His canvases often have large formats and occasionally aggressive brushwork.

Beside the canvases and the drawings, Fabrice has produced many mural paintings in Amsterdam and in several other cities throughout the Netherlands, some of them in very large dimensions. Some

years ago he started to use the technique of mosaic. For Fabrice, making a mosaic is like painting with fragments. In Amsterdam he realized 2 large pieces, he calls ’Megamosai’ in public space.