Title: Walk with Nature

A lobster is the metaphor for the power of Nature.

If encountered with a human being, a lobster will raise its claws,

instantly prepared to defend and take on any potential threat.

Just as pictured on the Lobster Clog by Wendy Alblas


Ultimately Nature will survive. That’s the belief of the artist.

Henceforth, you can either ignore the Lobster Clog, or

try it on and start to walk along with Nature

The material used is divers layers of Acrylic paint and uncoloured varnish.

This design is available in a single version (a left or a rigt one) or as a pair.

Wendy Alblas 'walk with nature'

€ 159,00Price
  • height: 19 cm

    width: 10 cm

    length:25 cm